Introducing to OOO WELLET

New A remote OOOWELLET mining manager & doesn't perform mining activity on device.

OOOWELLET (OOO) is a new digital currency. This app serves as a wallet to host your OOOWELLET digital currency. It also allows you to grow and access your OOOWELLET holdings. OOOWELLET is an eco-friendly and fairly distributed digital currency. It is both user and resource friendly and it does not consume much of your device battery power or internet data. This app does not mine the OOOWELLET digital currency on your device, it is just a remote manager/virtual miner for mining the OOOWELLET digital currency.

OOOWELLET, Investor $WELLET € ¥ £ - Raised $3.6M in funding 🤝


OOOWELLET Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange That Is Dedicated To Providing A Secure And User-Friendly Platform For Buying, Selling And Trading Digital Assets.

$WELLET Mining Pass Digital

OOOWELLET Is A Cryptocurrency OOO Points Claim Digital

The Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone

Eligible oooNFT supply 5000 holders can earn free for 3 years after $WELLET token listing

What is my property value?

The most crucial NFT in the mining OOOWELLET will be the oooNFT. Owning one NFT ooo means you own an ooo in the mining. Most upcoming play-to-earn features will be linked to oooNFT. Those without an ooo will need to visit someone else's ooo to earn money, and the ooo owner will receive a fee for this! 💰

The oooNFT Raised $1.6M in funding! 🤝